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Smooch allows you to choose the perfect ring for your big day. With knowledgeable advisers who visit at home at a time that suits a buyer can add diamonds, engravings, change the width, change the type of metal… and much more. The Smooch idea is to make the whole experience personal and make it as special as the big day ahead.

Smooch Rings

Smooch Rings

Smooch Rings

Having already worked with the team at Smooch we were asked again to help improve the UI of the existing site. We decided to start over again and offered a site that flowed better, looked better and promoted the company as they wanted to be seen. The result is a site that has increased traffic, stickiness and increased sales and enquiries.


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The site looks amazing and we couldn’t be happier. On 2 days’ evidence we’re already converting more visitors into bookings – plus time-on-site is through the roof and bounces have plummeted. Thanks so much for doing such a great job on it.

Rob Dix