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Listverse is the original top ten list site serving over 20 million pages a month to more than 8 million readers. Specialising in bizarre or lesser-known trivia, lists published to the site are designed to intrigue and educate.

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Listverse came to LogoVilla looking for a complete overhaul of their outdated website. We delivered a fully responsive grid-based layout, packed full of content – a real feast for the eye of their readers. We delivered a complete re-design with new branding and a super intuitive interface. From the off it ran faster and performed better than the old site resulting in more traffic and ultimately higher revenue.


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The redesign has been a great success – the speed is up and – best of all – the reduction in the size of each page download (by using CSS instead of images and killing legacy code) has halved our monthly hosting costs!

Thanks heaps for all the help and I am looking forward to working more with you guys.

Jamie Frater