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Melissa Rodwell is a Los Angeles fashion photographer with over 21 years experience in the industry. World renowned for her work on campaigns for Virgin, Playboy and Ralph Lauren Melissa now lives her life in New York. In 2008 she set up the Fashion Photography Blog for amateur, student and professional photographers, gossip mongers, groupies, fashionista’s and just simply fans of her work.

Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography

With the huge success of her blog behind her it was time to release the first full blown educational fashion photography DVD ever made. In this utterly comprehensive and supremely educational DVD, Melissa Rodwell shows step by step guides on how to get started and succeed. From lighting, gear, and the technical aspects of capturing fashion images; to the importance of putting together a great team; to understanding the business side; to marketing your portfolio – Fashion Photography Exposed is a tell-all, no-holds-barred educational tool that will help you forge an exciting path in fashion photography.

With a well defined brief from her team we helped Melissa realise the potential of the site and launched Fashion Photography Exposed with huge success. In under 24 hours over 50 orders had been made of the $299 DVD. To find out more about the DVD take a trip over to Fashion Photography Exposed or take a sneak peak of the promo video here.


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We don’t see the distance between our teams as a negative they are an extension of our own team. With email, Skype and phone we are seconds away from them. We loved their work and we wanted our site to come from them, no one else.

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